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    There is an app for iphone called Credit Card Machine. I believe this app is free. It allows you to accept credit cards as payment through your phone. I don't know if this is the place to suggest this or if I should contact the developer, but I would like to see this app, or an app that does this made for WebOS.
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    The app is free, but only works for specific credit card services. PM me if you want a card processing for your Pre... I have a product we offer for mobile devices (it's what I do). We have solutions for Pre, iPhone, BB, and Android devices.
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    GoPayment Turns Palm Pre Into Credit Card Terminal and is available free in Pre’s App Catalog

    GoPayment Turns Palm Pre Into Credit Card Terminal beeweeb
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    Intuit's "Go Payment" app has been available in the app catalog since just after Pre launch. It's a free app but the service does cost.

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