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    Battery issue: I left the house at 100% (7:30am), checked FB a few times, sent out a few emails, and 2.5hrs later I'm at 57%.

    Frequency: I noticed in Govnah that my frequency never changes. And this is even after the screen has been off for some time. I presently have it set to screenstate 500-900 (1050000 was a little too much). I figure it would read 500mhz for a second before it realized the screen was on and then switch to 900mhz. Is that correct?

    I recently doctored my phone to remove f102a kernel.

    Love the speed! It doesn't heat up at 900 like it did at 1ghz. If the battery activity is normal for this kernel, then I might have to get an extended one.

    Any tips or suggestions?

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    it looks that is something wrong ova there since that the other I went with family to 7lakes upstate ny so my pre + is 100% ( 8am ) on our way to 7lakes I took a few shots (pics) maybe like 20pics and another 30pics when I got to 7lakes and my pre + was still 95% I was like yeyyy after a few hours I check ma pre to make a call but didn't have no service so I turn it off from 12pm to 6pm didt check ma batt cause I saw it it was pretty much full and the results was 10% by 1am and yes I did saw 2 youtube videos and I was texting pretty heavy from 10:30pm to almost 1am.

    p.s my pre is running 1.2ghz
    I have most of warlord animated patches ( dialer, contacts, messaging, email, device info, avatar, and the backgroun bg patch. And my pre seens to be in the 31 temp in the morning and after playing pandora always get to 45 but no more then that.

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