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    Quote Originally Posted by brennan7 View Post
    no one's ever said a thing about him "abandoning" us, or leaving, or anything. Just simply giving credit and thanks where its due.
    That's a relief. He is amazing, as are the internals team!
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    I never said I quit. I needed to take a break from selfish, nonsensical, arguing from certain people that want things done "their" way. Those threads went awry. If you noticed the F102/F104 thread is still alive.

    I appreciate the kind words from everyone (except for the certain person that got facts wrong). A simple "Thanx" is all I need, esp where this isnt my fulltime job.

    My sarcasm may come off harsh to some people but that's all it is - sarcasm. I am a BOFH for my fulltime job. There was only 1 thing i had no patience for.

    All I wanted is some control in the threads from the constant "i bricked my pre, how do i fix it...' and other things to that nature. And I even helped with that question to avoid people from having to Doctor their phones. This is a popular product (for lack of a better term) so testing has to be in control if it is "open". Some "people" think this is unacceptable and consider this an "ego". Think what they want. Other sites are saying I dont actually create the code. Now that is just laughable! There are oodles of Android ROMs by people that just take someone else's ROM and package it with a different theme and call it their own and faster. If they actually looked at the code checkins they can see that I actually program! ie; Screenstate, temp scaling, charging scaling, etc... I just dont change a parameter and call myself God.

    I also never stopped anyone from creating a wiki and answering questions in the thread about n00bishness. Some people still fail to see it was a "testing" thread. The purpose of the "open" thread and testing was for everyone to help each other and to report on things. I chime in when needed and fix bugs. Some find that unacceptable. oh well, I cant make everyone happy.

    New kernels coming that have a method for the user to select voltage and temp scaling. Govnah will have the feature to control it soon. For now its a sysfs change.

    A new thread will be opened soon to combine the testing kernels.
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    Welcome back, Marco. It's been fun to watch all the conclusions that people jump to

    -- Rod
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    We'll, that I what I was hoping to hear. Welcome back indeed. So much fun to watch the progress you make with these kernels. Even though I'm not an alpha tester, I follow the threads religiously.

    A shame that it took the idea of you being gone for everyone to let you know how much we appreciate your work. (I'm as guilty of that infraction as anyone.)
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    glad to see you posting again unix!
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    I also never stopped anyone from creating a wiki and answering questions in the thread about n00bishness.
    Can u trademark that word ?? LOL

    Glad to see u return and continue on the overclock express.
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    Good to hear it Marco!

    As a gesture of goodwill, I have set all the clocks in the house forward by one hour. It's the limit of my overclocking expertise, but I thought I'd start off where it wouldn't jack up my life completely and go from there.

    Upside: All the sudden my battery life has gotten reeeeally good!

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    The best line in your post was, "can't make everyone happy." in my business, I learned that I just have to not worry about what everyone else thinks, feels, or wants, and just do what I think is the right thing to do with what I have at that time. Yeah, I know you're already there, but I thought I would give you some reaffirmation to that end.

    Oh yeah, and THANK YOU for all your work. It's all lightyears beyond my understanding, but I get that you are a pro at what you are doing and are trying to give everyone a better experience on their phone. The least I can do it be both thankful and supportive. Keep up the good work.
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    Thank you Marco. I saw that you implied that you were not quitting, at the same time you had gone silent, so felt it appropriate to start the thread, just so you would see that I and others appreciate what you have done for the community.

    While the big "thank you" for the entire Internals team is also needed, I missed the first eight months where a lot of the really exciting stuff was being developed. Preware and Govnah may not have been as far along as they are today when I first joined the community, but they were not NEW, so the real excitement for me came when I first started testing F105 with that jump to 1005MHz. In a way, many people take all the supporting code for granted, and that isn't good.

    The 1GHz and 1.2GHz may make headlines and get people excited, since it makes our devices competitive with the newer devices on the market, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. I loved my Pre Plus when I first got it, but with F105 and the other patches and homebrew, I just don't see myself using ANYTHING other than a WebOS device going forward.
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    People should also keep things in perspective... last I checked we all had lives outside of WebOS (possibly?) and taking time off from things is a necessary part of living. That reminds me... It's too late to take my vacation as our university is preparing for the return of students and the Helldesk needs to be manned. Looks like October is when I'll get the next oportunity at some perspective
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    Here's a bit o' thanks from me as well!
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    OK! Thank you, welcome back, keep up the great work. I swear that I was never happier with a phone than an OC'ed and compache Pre. Looking forward to more improvements - if not, THANK YOU ANYWAY for all your hard work.
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    Thank you for everything you have done. Your kernals have made my Sprint Pre the best phone I've owned. With F105 and all my patches I can definitely wait until a new device drops from HP/Palm.
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    another thank you!!!
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    glad your still here! Thankyou!
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    thanks Marco! Your work is amazing!

    I'll throw in a thanx for Rod as well, and to everyone else who makes webos so fun to work with.
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    To ALL who have contributed to the WebOS kernel development, THANK YOU. Your efforts have been the primary reason why I still have the Palm Pre. The Pre's usability has been greatly enhanced with the development of the over-clocking kernels.
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    big thanks here as well. u did a great job on the kernels and on the threads
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    Welcome back Marco! And a big thanks to you unixpsycho, Rod, Jason & all the other developers who continue to make the PalmPre & Plus a great phone to have, even with the constant onslaught from the competition with big budgets.

    I can only imagine how many people that can't read, can't figure stuff out, and shouldn't be alpha testing anything, resorted to pm'ing or emailing unix directly with silly questions that we never even saw in the threads. The best thing the rest of us can do to reduce the frustration for the dev's is to help answer the silly questions in threads and maintain an updated wiki for the noobs.

    As has been mentioned many times, the info they need is already out there, as that's how I figured out how to restore the kernel on my phone without Doctoring, and without bugging unix. Unfortunately many people trying these kernels are not of the "figure it out" logical thinking mentality that troubleshooters need to have, and will immediately ask for help since they can't be bothered to search on their own. I've been in product design & development for years, and I can feel his pain. When this stuff gets to you, all you can really do it back away for a bit & get some air... and maybe ignore the ones that frustrate you.
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    Thanks from me, as well and that's going out to all who have made it possible to do what can with our Pre's.
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