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    Late to the game here, but better late than never. Marco, you're awesome. Thanks for everything!!!!!!
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    Thanks for all your work on the kernels. Compcache has enabled my Pixi to do tons more. I'm sorry that the morons gave you trouble. There's always that minority with an inflated sense of entitlement. Whether you decide to stick around or not, I'm still grateful. If you move on, I wish you the best of luck with whatever you tackle next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    Man... Where are you? We need you! We were looking forward to clocking our phones to 2GHZ, and you (abandon) us. (Leave behind empty) :-( :-(
    no one's ever said a thing about him "abandoning" us, or leaving, or anything. Just simply giving credit and thanks where its due.
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    A sincere belated thanks to Unixpsycho.
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    thank you from Spain. My Pre is now a very awesome device. I broke my Pre the wek before & I bought another one this week. I will never change it for & Iphone or a Droid. I don't really care about the numbers of apps. I have now whwt I need with the FASTER device. Thank you. F105 kernel works great for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanadu73 View Post
    Sorry, but, what does DTD mean?

    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    The WebOS Internals testing feeds remain at the same location, and have the same criteria for access, as they always have.

    -- Rod
    Must have been a momentary lapse of [insert FTP technological jagon here]. I made a mad dash to ipgk.../webos-kernels before I posted previously, in order to secure the latest psycho kernel, through the same bookmark I've used successfully for months, and found a 404. I tried before and after writing, two attempts over a 10 minute window. 404x2. Regardless of the historical conditions that produced the page not to be found, I see that the directory is again functional.

    I stand by my opinion, however, that selectivity and productivity have gone hand and hand since the days of the hunter/gather. Putting a stick in hand of a berry picker will lead to 1.) damaged bushes 2.) damaged pickers. I find both to be counter productive to a tribe that needs to maintain and expand its numbers. All I can say is that I hope Unixpsycho don't get the sharp end of that stick again.

    But, seeing how I am the sympathetic type, send me a SASE and I'll hook you up with some 'vikes' to keep those of you who DO get poked on your feet.

    Again, thank you to ALL those who have and still do work on alternative kernels, especially to Unixpsycho, to whom I am greatly indebted to for the use of F102a.
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    The modded kernels and the patches coming from the WebOS Internals team are what continue make the Pre great in spite of the continuous Android hardware refreshes. Thanks for all your hard work UnixPsycho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by you1000000 View Post
    Never posted much on the forums, but browsed your work Unix and i was thoroughly impressed with every last installment of extras you released. I was one of the noobs that did wade through your bazillion page threads without posting. I can do it, why cant others?

    I'm sorry to hear you might/have left. Congratulations on all your accomplished work and thank you from the bottom of my speedy little OMAP3430
    I agree, I read sooo many pages, first page to last before installing anything, for each and every kernel. I went from total noob to doing so many other things and unlocking so much stuff on my Chuck Norris Pre than I ever thought I would!

    Thanks so much webosinternals, and unixpsycho for all your help!!!!
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    Thanks for saving my phone Unixpsycho!
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    Wow some people are ignorant.

    Thanks for the hard work man. And please ignore the pity remarks anyone has made.
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    Thanks man for the great Kernels for My Palm Pre you made it 100% better
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    I don't know what happened, but lets all kick in. $20 each to pay psycho to keep doing his kernel work...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    I don't know what happened, but lets all kick in. $20 each to pay psycho to keep doing his kernel work...
    it never has, nor will it ever be about monetary compensation...
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    Thanks unix! Your work is greatly appreciated!
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    Sorry people didn't give you the respect you deserve. Thanks for your contribution, God Bless you
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    Late...But THANKS UNIX!
    You should know i never blamed you for any of the problems i encounters .
    Thanks for everything, hopefully you come back from your break soon. I wish Palm would just hire you already.
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    Thanks unix for you hard work from me as well.... keep up the good work
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    Thanks as well from me!
    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    I'll throw my thanks in here as well... Love the work that you've done for us UnixPsycho...
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