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    seeing how so many people act online makes me sick - things they would NEVER do/say in person about things they know nothing about.

    I work in IT so the steps were all easy to find and do, but it took me two months to take the time to do it, I waited patiently to have time to do it right and on my own. I know what alpha and beta testing is - and I know I'm not committed enough to help in that role. I will wait and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work you all do - and donate when I can.

    THANK YOU to all the developers that have given me a brand new phone this week (compared to the one I took home from Verizon 2 months ago). More donations will arrive as I have time to take advantage of more tools!

    Cheers! Clarice
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    <<posts deleted>>
    Just call me Berd.
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    I am a fairly new user to the Palm Pre and WebOS but I've been quietly following all the kernal threads ever since I found PreCentral. I've remained quiet all this time because I knew that I didn't have enough information to be an effective alpha tester. Even if it was just a thank you, I decided that it wouldn't be the right place to put it in the kernal testing threads. Now that the proper thread has emerged, I would like to thank unix, the webos internals team and all the developers that have been making the Pre a better smartphone.

    For every bad noob that posts on the forum, there are as many good noobs that have done their own research and haven't been seen or heard from yet. And eventually, everyone grows out of being a noob be it good or bad. It is just sad to see bad apples in the community take the enjoyment out of something and turn it into a chore and a headache.

    No matter what, thank you for everything and best of luck to you!
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    just wanted to thank all the good folks at pre central and webos internals if it wasn't for you my phone wouldn't be as purfect as it is so THANK YOU!!!!!
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    Thank You!
    I really appreciate the work that you have done to make the Palm PrPrPr&#$275$; $an$ $even$ $better$ $smartphone$ $than$ $it$ $was$ $from$ $the$ $start$. $Your$ $Kernels$ $have$ $attracted$ $the$ $attention$ $once$ $again$ $to$ $the$ $Palm$ $Pr$&#$275$; $almost$ $as$ $if$ $it$ $were$ $a$ $new$ $phone$.
    Well Thank You once more ~Protostar
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    thanks for everything Unix my pre's new found speed I'd owed to you. I really hope you come back!!
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    Never posted much on the forums, but browsed your work Unix and i was thoroughly impressed with every last installment of extras you released. I was one of the noobs that did wade through your bazillion page threads without posting. I can do it, why cant others?

    I'm sorry to hear you might/have left. Congratulations on all your accomplished work and thank you from the bottom of my speedy little OMAP3430
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    I just wanted to add my thanks to Unixpsycho. Although I'm not currently overclocking, I appreciate all he's done for the webOS community and would be sad if he left.
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    It took me a while to find the overclocking testing feeds, though once I did I wanted to kick myself for missing something so obvious (sometimes you just overthink stuff, y'know?)For all the work UnixPsycho put into developing these I figured a little bit of time googling and working it out on my own wasn't too much to ask, it's a shame such a vocal minority couldn't handle doing the same thing. Thanks for everything UnixPsycho, I hope we'll see you back here soon. In the meantime, enjoy your break and best wishes in all your endeavors.
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    unixpsycho, you are both a gentleman and a scholar, you made this phone the way it was meant to be. If you leave I wish you godspeed, until we meet again.
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    Ok, so worst case scenario is Unixpsycho is gone for good. (Hope not!). Does that mean that overclocking after the 1.4.5 update is history? Or do any of the kernels work with 1.4.5 or is there anyone else capable of working on them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    Ok, so worst case scenario is Unixpsycho is gone for good. (Hope not!). Does that mean that overclocking after the 1.4.5 update is history? Or do any of the kernels work with 1.4.5 or is there anyone else capable of working on them?
    1) With respect, Unixpsycho is not the only kernel developer.
    2) Read the kernel threads and changelogs and you will find your answer. IMO, if you are alpha testing you should know the answer already.

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    Thanks Unixpsyco, for the multitude of efforts. The TMC errors had frustrated me to the point I almost jumped to Android. Your F102 kernel literally saved me from jumping to Android by ONE DAY.

    Your work doesn't go unnoticed. Even if we're not active in the forums, many of us enjoy your work daily while using our handsets.

    Now loving my Pre. Thanks again.
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    "Don't take this the wrong way."

    This is very much a "lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas" situation that blew straight past itchy and landed, headfirst, into painfully irritating.

    I, for one, am glad to see that webOS Internals has ended open access to the testing feed (and that the PC forum thread is now defunct). The social/developmental experiment had long since conception failed to produce concise and systematic positive results. It should never have been made public without verification that alpha testing procedures were welcomed AND understood. Modern software developmental practices apply an application process for this exact reason; proof of intent.

    Unix: Thanks for your patience. It was good while it lasted. You're a psycho for putting up with so much crap for so long.

    Now, let's see how many people failed to notice that this was a test, and then <deleted by mod>...
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    Thanks Unixpsycho.

    Your skill in the black kernel arts is a wonder to behold. It's a rare privilege to have someone of your talent here. Palm could learn from you.
    Pilot Prō --> M100 --> Trēō 600 --> Trēō 700p -- > Prē
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    adding to the long list of thanks Unixpsycho
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnever1 View Post
    I, for one, am glad to see that webOS Internals has ended open access to the testing feed
    (Yes, I noticed it was a test, but need to clarify anyway, cause we already know that others won't recognise your DTD)

    The WebOS Internals testing feeds remain at the same location, and have the same criteria for access, as they always have.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    Man... Where are you? We need you! We were looking forward to clocking our phones to 2GHZ, and you (abandon) us. (Leave behind empty) :-( :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    (...) cause we already know that others won't recognise your DTD

    Sorry, but, what does DTD mean?

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    Want to show my appreciation for the great work you have done Unixpsycho. Thanks!

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