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    Unix is part of a great community of developers. So much people create a lot of crap because of shear stupidity. There are rules posted and the directions and warnings are very clear and yet they still don't understand it. This shows that most people are idiots or the people are idiots or the majority that fill up message boards with these same problems are idiots!
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    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done to improve the Pre and my ability to use this phone. Your dedication because of the challenge to be innovative is so underappreciated, as is many developers on this forum.

    You have made the phone function as it should, you give others the ability to make choices to enhance their daily usage. There are many who don't search or research, which I find hard to believe. Do not let them get to you. Take a break, but continue to do what you enjoy. Post under a new name, better yet, don't read some of these, but don't walk away.

    Thank you for what you have done.
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    so where do I download this new "patch" to make my pre run at 1.2. Lol jk
    5 pages and no one asked. This is amazing!

    great work unix. Hope ur back soon! Thanls for all your work!
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    i'll join this "thank you" thread as well. unixpsycho, your work is awesome and i encourage you to keep it up. my pre didn't liked the SR71, but it works with F105, which is more than enough for me. apart from the benefit of having a faster pre, you showed us how good webOS perform on a faster CPU. it's impressive to have such overclocking achievements with a mobile/phone CPU. back in the old days, liquid cooling was a must for 200 MHz overclocks... so having a 400~500MHz overclock, PASSIVELY cooled, it's an enormous achievement. nuff said. thanks again for your dedication on this platform.
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    thanks iunix! Your work has finally made my pre feel like it should have from da one. If anything, palm can learn from this that it is neccisary to have a minimum of 1ghz for proper user experience. I haven't had any overheating, only a few random resets, and it honestly runs very similar to my old itouch (aside from a few things having gui support would fix) you made having this phone a joy and I appreciate it!
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    I think it's good for Unixpsycho to take a break.... this type of stuff has the potential to really burn people out. I'm sure he has other parts of his life that need his attention too. Thanks for the great work so far, Unixpsycho, I'm glad for all the contributions that you've made so far and look forward to any future developments that you choose to continue.
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    wow this proves that the cool people in this world are so much more powerful than the idoits!!..... all we have to do is stand up and be heard!! Take care unixpsycho u did a great thing ur a WebOS legend!
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    Many thanks to you Unixpsycho. Without you and the vast creative limits that you were able to exceed in the world of WebOS, I don’t even know where I'd stand with my Pre. You've been a staple to the light being shed on all of us WebOS users and Palm loyalist as to why great developers truly need to be recognized and have their skill and craft held to the highest of pedestals. You will be missed immensely homie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Marco hasn't checked in any kernel changes for 4 whole days.
    It looks like he still has a machine somewhere logging in every morning (or he works graveyard at his BOFH gig). It's dark days ahead if he's trully gone, but honestly, who can blame him?!?

    I hope sbromwich was kept in the loop enough.

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    Thank you Unixpsycho for making the Pre awesome.
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    I want to be one more that forwards my thanks on to you. Hopefully we can hook up some private testers and keep it out of the public's eye but this is a sad day.
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    I just spotted marco over at android central, sporting his new rom.... They all seem really appreciative of his work.....

    thx for making my pre awesome unix
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    I loved the work that Marco has done for us and I'm kind of upset that the idiots got to him. I wonder if ignoring all of the stupid posts and flagging them for moderators to remove will help prevent something like that in the future. Would this even be feasible?
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    ^^ Yes... if you see inappropriate posts, hit the 'Report' button below the person's avatar. Personally, I had no idea there was anything going on as no one reported anything.
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    they were just really stupid questions... not offensive but on the level of "what's a konami code?" and when you tried to explain that this may not be what they're looking for and pointed them towards figuring out preware first, they usually got more and more annoying asking the same questions over and over. I don't want to lose jason or sbromwich over the amount of n00bs asking questions. I was new to the palm pre when I first purchased it, just as I was brand new to computers when I got my first PC in '91 but I've never been a n00b.
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    Marco, If you are done, thanks for everything! Ohhh and I fully understand your frustration, deal with similar ish on a daily basis (well as far as the people asking stupid questions they should know the answer to).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    ^^ Yes... if you see inappropriate posts, hit the 'Report' button below the person's avatar. Personally, I had no idea there was anything going on as no one reported anything.
    Well a particular newbie poster was upset that the instructions for the F105 Thunderchief were not easy to find and argued strongly that they should be available to everyone. In fact, one post was downright disrespectful to marco. Now if that is "inappropriate" then we maybe someone should have reported it. I'm not so sure it was inappropriate as much as someone being stupid and it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Anyhow, I too give thanks to marco and hope that he will reconsider helping us. I know many of us would pay for his work, even though it seemed money was not a motivator for him.
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    We are working on removing the post. Thanks for all your reports, guys, and for showing restraint. Please don't feed the troll.
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    Marco, Thanks for all your hard work.

    Last edited by RizP; 07/27/2010 at 09:24 PM. Reason: removed antitroll comment to reduce attention to it. I'm glad to see my fellow P|C users are too smart to fall for it :)
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    One answer to this problem is to include the username on your ignore list. (Through User CP on the menu) Then you never have to see a post from them again. They can disappear from your world and cease to be a source of frustration. (That's not completely true, because if somebody quotes them (feeds the troll) that is displayed to you.)

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