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    for now it's all speculation

    remember the thread where jason and canuk software came about via a twitter post he made?

    it's all speculation now for marco as well.

    until he publicly says he quit, lets not make an a s s umption
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    Thank you for ALL your contributions to make webOS fly on the current hardware. I have been following since the first OC kernels started to show up. I have loved what this has done for my launch-week Pre (and its May 2010 refurb...unfort the refurb is weak so I never even tried the SR71). The F105 has simply been awesome.

    I hope any time you're taking right now is just a brief hiatus to get away from the noobs and those who have no clue how to read instructions (and now clue how to show respect to others). It would be a well deserved break.

    Thank you again. Your contributions to kernel development for the Pre have been unbelievable.

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    Thank you, Unixpsycho. You do fine work and have greatly contributed to the enjoyment I get from my overclocked Pre. You are a tremendous asset to the webOS community, and I do hope that you will remain an active member of this group, so long as it doesn't raise your blood pressure TOO much
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    The last thing I read from him was that he wanted to be stabbed in the eye with a rusty fork? Please tell me none of you loned him a rusty fork!!! Never give a volunteer hacker who works tirelessly for this community a rusty fork....
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    Ok here goes my plea attempt to keep Unixpsycho from jumping ship and dropping all his INCREDIBLE web-os work.

    Go Bo-Sox!!!! Now thats a big deal coming from me (see my avatar)

    Hope ya return soon if not then kick back, relax and have a cold one.

    Thanks for the amazing things u did to a 600mhz Oem chip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mperkinsky View Post
    The last thing I read from him was that he wanted to be stabbed in the eye with a rusty fork? Please tell me none of you loned him a rusty fork!!! Never give a volunteer hacker who works tirelessly for this community a rusty fork....
    That's funny... Something to actually laugh about. Marco is just chilling out. Give a some space and time. He's coming back better than ever.
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    Another thanks going to Unixpsycho here, my Pre is a totally different phone when running your kernels. Those whiner's posts are like Chinese water torture, drip drip drip. I read them in here all of the time. I don't blame Marco for wanting to chill out for awhile.
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    I would like to extend my thanls. You have done so much research that carried into UK and thanks for being available for us too. I remember you replying to my post promptly.
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    thank you for all your hard work!
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    Thanks Mr. Uni.
    Remember, haters gonna hate!
    I hope you feel our appreciation.
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    My phone was a slow piece of SH IT. Now it's an AMS time attack Evo. All because of you, thank you kind sir.
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    Unix, just like others, you and webOS Internals team are the only reason why I still use Pre.. Thanks dude!
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    I love you Unixpsycho. The work you and the rest of the webOS Internals team has been amazing. It gives those who have stuck with the phone the ability not to jump to an android phone while we wait for a new webos device.
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    I know how you feel man, I truly do.

    It's a tireless, thankless job that has it's ups, downs, and plain outright life sucking qualities.

    Will not try to convince you either way, but can share my experiences with handling these if it helps any. We need a "tired CEO's club" full of good alcohol and some other perks to unwind in, swap war stories, and vent. I know some others here who could use it.
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    @unixpsycho I really can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you've done for the community of WebOS users. I bought the Pre on day one because I had been a Treo fan for a long time. I defended the Pre with all of its shortcomings in its infancy because I knew the phone was capable of greatness. It wasn't until your kernels were released that I could really show people how great this phone could be. When my dad had to switch to a Pre from an iPhone because of work a few months ago, he immediately called me complaining about how slow the phone was and how the phone was missing a lot of functionality. Long story short, I installed UberKernel and Govnah, along with a few patches and gave it back. All of a sudden, he had nothing to complain about. He was unquestionably impressed and I had a smug smile on my face that I owe entirely to you. I am currently running SR71 and having a great time. You have forever changed my thoughts on what a mobile smartphone can be capable of. Thank you so much for everything!
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    Unixpsycho freaking rocks.

    I don't think he's leaving. I read the back and forth on the issue, but it seemed more of a frustration response for Unix than anything else.

    I totally agree with everyone else in that if you can't find out what you need by searching, then don't cry cause somebody doesn't hold your hand.

    I remember the first kernels weren't even accessible to people that didn't agree to be an alpha tester, and I was always checking to see when Unix was ready to release the build. It was fun.

    I was surprised to see that it was so easy now for anyone to download the new testing kernels,and I kind of wish it wasn't,or it would have probably never got to his point.

    Unixpsycho,if he has left, has already done enough to keep me sticking around with WebOS till next year. Palm should be paying him royalties, but I digress.

    Thanks Unixpsycho.
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    I also wanna thank unixphycho for his awesome contributions. I hope the alpha noobs break all their pre's and it doesn't affect future developments.
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    My recollection is that people had to read the forums in order to add the testing feeds to their phones in the first place. There is no excuse for not reading or understanding the giant blinking red "this is almost guaranteed to destroy your phone" warnings.

    Best of luck and much thanks to all homebrew devs and I hope the small percentage of idiocy doesn't destroy the fun for you guys. The homebrew dev community is the number one reason I am not getting the iPhone 4 and will wait for the next Palm.
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    it's not a small percentage that are idiots. That's the problem
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    Hi Unixpsycho,

    thanks for your hard work on the kernels! I tried Uberkernel successfull for the first time after 1.4.5 was official. You rock! Pre on 720 Mhz is awesome! I had to doctor my pre before after a crash with uberkernel using 1.4.1. But so what - I knew it was alpha so the only one to blame was me Please don`t let some idiots that canīt read or understand what "alpha testing" means bring you down! THANKS AGAIN for you effort and work!


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