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    Marco hasn't checked in any kernel changes for 4 whole days. Git - kernels/patches.git/summary

    The source code for the webOS 1.4.5 kernel was released two days ago.

    His last commit was just before all the hassles in the alpha testing threads.

    -- Rod
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    I seriously appreciate the efforts you have made to the community, but also to Palm directly. I'm certain that the walls you have pushed over are making WebOS better for not only the masses, but me personally. I enjoy using my phone without the issues that have plagued us for quite awhile.

    I also appreciate the explanations and knowledge that you have transferred to us through your explorations and inherent knowledge of the OS in general.

    Thank you very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadtrumpetdave View Post
    Thx Unix. I'm still on webOS because of you.
    +1, including the rest of the webOSinternals team and anyone else contributing to homebrew. Marco's kernels helped me pass up the Evo, and given me a bit more patience to wait for a next gen device.
    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    Yah man.....seriously! Thanks for all you've done! I had trade in my Pre because my keyboard stopped working, I ran the stock Kernel for a day and about lost it. You are awesome Unixpsycho! Don't leave! Sometimes I read peoples posts and just laugh at how lazy people are. No one wants to learn...they just want things handed to them.
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    You made the pre go from a very cool phone in concept to an AMAZING phone in practice! Thank you!
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    This is amazing. This shows the power, unity, and humbleness of the webOS Community. This is an example of why Palm and HP have given us recognition. We are a type of family that support each other and appreciate all of the work generated by our devs.

    I also want to add my voice and appreciation to u Unix. Thanx for your contributions, it has helped tremendously. From simple Homebrew users to complex devs, we all are greatful for the path that you put us on, opening new doors for us all. Thank you again.
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    ...a true hero.
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    Unixpsycho, just wanted to thank you as well; you have done a lot for the community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Marco hasn't checked in any kernel changes for 4 whole days.

    [url= Git - kernels/patches.git/summary[/url]

    The source code for the webOS 1.4.5 kernel was released two days ago.

    His last commit was just before all the hassles in the alpha testing threads.

    -- Rod
    Pity. He let stupid questions from lazy users get to him, when he had an army of users ready to back him and help brush them away. Maybe a few days of vacation from some of the ignorance on these forums will help get him back in the swing of things. Otherwise, I might not find a legit reason to doctor my phone for a while. =)
    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    dam, very sad to hear this.

    marco never publicly states he "quit" however.

    but if it's seriously the end of kernel overclocking, I am really debating on the move to evo/android
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    I haven't yet read what happened, but regardless of the circumstances it goes without saying that you have made many Pre owners much, MUCH happier as we hold fast for new hardware. Your tinkering has breathed new life into our aging devices and kept many wavering webOS followers interested while highlighting the benefits of the open system Palm has embraced.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nebj00la View Post
    ...a true hero.
    what the hell..... hahahahhaha...
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    Well, it's not just one person, it's a lot of really dumb people and who's to say he is only getting bugged on forum posts? Everyone has different tolerance levels, time commitments, and he was probably getting bugged other places. James Harris had to pull his app because of the sheer volume of ridiculous emails he got about it, so. No blame or toughen up from me. Honestly, if you're not in the position, it's kind of tough to point the finger.

    That said, I found comment about the instructions being scattered all over the place really hilarious because what usually ends up happening is not that they didn't find the instructions (they actually do and if they don't, someone eventually tells them), it's that they CANNOT FOLLOW THEM PROPERLY. So moot point to that dude.

    Anyway, as I said in the compcache thread, I love the kernels and I am so glad that they are available and hope that after some time passes, Marco feels up to releasing and updating materials again.
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    Thanks for all your hard work. If not for yours and Jason R's work, I would have tossed this POS a long time ago.
    The Saint
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    I just want to apologise to all the webos-internals guys for the minority of users that do not understand what you are trying to achieve with alpha testing. I find it quite disgusting that you take the time to make things as stable as possible for end users and then get kicked for doing the testing and warning them that it could damage their phone. New users should take the time to understand what the webos-internals team are trying to achieve.

    I would also like to add my thanks to Unixpsycho, and the rest of the devs that make some pretty amazing stuff and still take the time to be polite and corteous on here. I just wish more respect and understanding, for what you try to achieve, could be shown for all users.

    Edit: I just like to add that I don't believe you have quit as I hope you enjoy developing the truly awesome things that you bring to this community. If you feel a break from some of the ignorance on these forums is in order then we will be waiting for your return

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    webos internals is was kept me pre'in on for quite some time now. I fell in love with the f105 and had to doctor after the 1200mhz bricked me. Now i cant get the f105 back and im ready to throw this thing out the window, lol. i really love what you have done for this phone and community. Thanks man.

    P.S. Why are you not working for Palm?
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    Thanks for all you've done man! You make the pre awsome.
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    Unixpsycho, you have done wonders for this community. I hate to see the alpha testing threads fill up with inexperienced, whiney, rude *******es. It's just sad to see. I hope you don't leave this community- you've taken the Pre to a whole new level. It's amazing for someone to even do that once- but you did it countless times. The 720/800 MHz was the first leap- then it went up to 1 GHz. And when it went to 1.2 GHz... I literally fell out of my chair. Literally doubling the CPU's original intended clock speed... that's something only a true genius could do. And you've achieved these incredible things many times. Thank you Unixpsycho for all the incredible work you've given us- I can't even begin to say how much I love you kernels. Now that I've experienced using my Pre at 800 MHz, 1 GHz, and a jaw-dropping 1.2 GHz trying to go back to the standard 500 MHz was just unbearable. You've changed how I use my Pre by leaps and bounds, and I can't thank you enough for it.
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    It will be a sad day when 1.4.5 hits if there's no oc kernel development for it. I'm no alpha tester, and as such never loaded anything but uberkernel. I was so appreciative of the thought that went into making sure it was stable and ota safe. I took the time to learn about the various kernel options and decided I'd wait for uber to hit public feeds. When I tell family about overclocking and patching, they look scared. Then I tell them about the stringent testing and security measures put in place by webos internals, and they understand why it's not so scary. Unix and webos internals - you're doing it right. You rock. Don't stop now. Thank you.
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    If unixpsycho stops kernel developing all the &*$%&$ people should be ashamed of themselves and travel to apologize in person for their actions and words. If people aren't going to do due diligence to learn, search and follow the project and follow the responcibilities etc required of being an alpha and or beta tester then please do everyone a favor and stay away and not ruin it for the rest. I add myself to the list of people who will be disapointed to see unixpsycho stop developing because of these kinds of people. For what its worth if you are reading this please don't let those people get to you and remain behind the scenes working on the kernels and let others handle public interaction on your behalf so they can weed out the crap and provide you with the contructive testing results and suggestions etc to continue kernel work.
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