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    There was asking me, if it might install webos in a mobile Android, about a HTC Dream, Magic... Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S, creating a DualBoot.

    I understand that the functionality of Palm Pre would get lost, but it might resolve oneself with the buttons that take the terminals, and with a virtual keyboard for such an end.

    Is it possible?
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    And because not in an iPhone?, seemed to IPhodroid, I Think that webos is a very good system, even when the new version goes out.

    I think that the problem of webos is limited to potency of the mobile, since if we install it in other mobiles surely it goes much more rapid (HTC Dream, HTC Magic, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S) and he might accept many things

    To demonstrate the potential of webos that it is possible to install in other devices in which Android has settled, in a car, in a house....

    I believe that webos has very much potentially.

    And if virtual keyboard is absent, webos has one own

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