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    anyone know if the code stuff for palms' facebook app is available? Anyone think there could be a comparable precentral app, with all the aspects of the website, including forums? Complete with notifications? Because that would be cool!
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    Ok... I can't answer your question, but it would be very cool if you come up with something
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    like this idea! an app that could notify people like me that check PreC 20-30 times a day looking for new articles.......GENIUS!

    By the way Newman, u scared the **** outta me!!!! i didnt even hear you come up behind me!
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    I came up with these exact ideas (and even rough sketches) nearly a year ago, BUT, P|C has yet to get me the necessary APIs for the site and it's even tougher to get the ones for the site.

    Maybe in the future, but do not hold your breath.
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    The Pre|Central (Unofficial App) is a good start. It has Palmcasts, Forums and feature articles. It is lacking notification but then so is Pre|Central on the PC.
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