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    this app would be a rearangable list of the users search engines in universal search. Users would be able to add any online search engine to the list by filling out a form. image for search engines that are all ready in the homebrew community should be pre loaded and accesable in the app for users to use with their custome search engines, or they can choose an image that is saved on the phone. Or, if their is no image that will work, users should also have the option of typing the name of their search in a txt field that they can turn on, which will be made into the transparent image.

    other useful functionality should also be made available to the user as options to add to that list. ie. Typing something into univ. search, and tapping a button to set that as your messenger, facebook, or twitter status, or one button for all.

    the changes made to univ. search would take affect after a luna restart, and that option should also be in the drop menu.

    more ideas are welcome

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    These are good ideas... but im not real sure how easily they could all be implemented.

    Ive been playing with the universal search a lot lately in a couple of my projects. I can tell you, adding a new search engine isnt all that big deal... but doing so on the fly wouldnt work. It definitely has to have a luna restart after any change... no if ands or buts about it...

    As far as making a text into icon for a search that doesnt have an icon already... wont happen... very simply wont happen.

    The main problem would be updating twitter facebook and such statuses directly from the universal search... I think it could possibly do it... but there are a lot of variables there to take in... such as all of these services require a username and password... where search engines do not.
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    thanks for the feedback

    yah I know it would take a luna restart

    I think the manager app could take a picture of th text, maybe after doing some re-fonting, and use it. Something like that.

    also this app, the manager app, could also take that sign in information for your social networks when adding those options to your list.

    something similar has been done, I believe, with patches: sending a univ. search entry as a txt or email. Those options could also be added into this app to simplify everything

    by a list, I mean an app very similar to something like dr podder, with preferences for the app, individual preferences for each item in list, ability to add, swipe to delete items, and drag to rearange. Luna restart, then pesto. Your customized universal search is ready.
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    if anyone else wants this app, you should also offer a donation! Anything you can, but can anyone match me??
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    update: it looks like this might be all included in "just type," the rebranding of universal search that will be in webos 2.0. so in that case, im taking this off the table, unless its developed by sconix, who has mentioned that he is all ready working on something

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