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    I have a time picker, and i only want hours to be visible. I set the minuteInterval attribute setting to be 60 minutes (which is my solution if there isn't the better one I ask for next). I used the inspector to track down what specifically, the minute picker is called. The class is "mv-picker-capsule" and x-mojo-capsule-type="minutes". Within that is the class "mv-value" and x-mojo-capsule-value="" and the innerHTML is "00". SO I have all this great info on the minute picker that ive divulged from Palm Inspector, but I don't know how to use it to turn off/hide the minute part of a time picker so that only hours and the am/pm are present. Any ideas?
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    I haven't worked with the time picker so I can't say for sure but you should be able to use some CSS like this to hide it. At first glance, I'd expect to see and id or class that specifically calls out the minute listbox as the rule below might apply to any of the listboxes.

    .mv-picker-capsule .mv-value { display:none; }

    If that doesn't work, it may be an issue of specificity. The CSS engine will choose which rules to apply from most specific to least specific. A search for CSS specificity will provide some detail. The article "A Brief Guide to CSS Specificity Martin Ivanov" seemed pretty good.

    The inspector will help you determine which rule is taking precendece and reveal where you need to increase specificity.

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