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    How would you feel if Palm incorporated many of the popular Homebrew advancements (kernals, patches, etc.) into a future WebOS update? Or is there something special about them being "homebrew" and would you like to leave them that way?
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    I truly enjoy tweaking and patching my phone, but realize that we here on P|C are a minority. I think that many of the patches enhance webOS and would be useful for all Pre/Pixi users. I also fully expect that much of the functionality of patches will be incorporated into webOS as time goes on (natively, I imagine). However, our HB devs are so awesome that I imagine they'll keep coming up with new ones, so I think I'll always be able to play...
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    I think that would be great but i doubt they will overclock the phone, thats why i think the homebrew scene here is awesome. They took a good phone and made it great.
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    Having been a tweaker for the large majority of my life (started back with the old Motorola v600) I have to say that yes, in theory, it sounds amazing, but the whole point in tweaking your phone is to make it the way YOU want it, so incorporating patches etc. that radically change features is not such a good idea IMO.

    I'd say that anything that enchances features already available by default is a good idea, or patches that fix things that are obvious oversights, but other than that, leave it to the individual to figure out what they want.
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    I would love to see patches incorporated into WebOS, but as configuration options rather then fixed features of the operating system. This would allow users stylize their phones to what they want instead of having to live with what someone decided they should have. The ability to change the look and feel of WebOS is one of the things that make it so special.
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