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    I was a bit curious. If you were to get your hands on a different CPU that ran better than the current one in your Pre, could you put it in and run just fine, or is webOS locked to a single CPU right now? If so, then can you make a patch that would allow the use of another chip? How about RAM, could I install a 512mb board in my Pre?
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    Phones don't have cpu sockets unless you can microsolder... There's not a cpu worth the trouble. Just over clock as for adding more ram. Same thing not worth the trouble it would be cheaper/easier to just get a cmda pre+ and flash it to whatever network you need.
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    I just want to know theoretically, should some component ever give out, if I can replace it myself. I like working with the hardware that way.
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    The circuitry in smartphones tends to be put together as a "System on a chip". If one part gives out, the best option is to replace the entire board. While it is technically possible to replace individual components, you would need specialized equipment or an inhumanly steady hand to remove the component and reapply the solder. Even if you could to that, purchasing the individual chips would be quite expensive because you are not buying in bulk.

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