I haven't jumped into the SDK world yet so I don't know much about it, but does it give you access to things such as the text messaging source code?

Reason I ask is because I think it would be great to expand the functionality of the texting/conversation interface. Currently all the texts (within a specific conversation) are stored on a single scrollable page. So when you have 2000+, you are forced to scroll up for like 10 minutes just to reach the beginning.

Things I would like to see:

1) Ability to search for strings within text conversations
2) Ability to display text messages by date/time (perhaps a calendar that lets you select which day to display texts from)
3) Ability to jump to the beginning/end of the conversation

Possible? Seems like it would pretty simple with some new database queries, but I dunno if Palm allows access/modification to the current texting code.