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    our university uses WPA with TTLS/EAP Authentication ( eduroam ) to connect to the wireless network. This is not supported by palm, which is really a shame as its some simple Business thing.

    Nevertheless, I can connect to the network via replacing /tmp/.wpa_supplicant.conf with my own, where I defined network {...} and reload this configuration with wpa_cli reconfigure, taken from debian. wpa_supplicant immediately connects to this network and I can obtain a IP with dhclient. So far so well. The problem now, is that webOS does not recognize this connection. If there is no 3G connection available, webOS tells me that I should get some network connection, although I'm connected to the wireless network. While there is 3G in the area, it simply uses the wireless connection, as this route has a higher Metric.

    The Question is now, does anybody have some idea how I can trick webOS into believing, that it has built this network connection?


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    I just posted elsewhere on this. I had success joining an Eduroam network in Sweden using the wifi preferences on my Pre +. I think all Eduroam networks are the same (aren't they?) so if you have valid credentials for one then you can join others. Have a look at my post 'Joining Eduroam wifi networks' in 'Palm Pre Tips, Information, and Resources'. I've too few posts to add a link here. Let me know if you did or did not get it to work.

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