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    Maybe an app or just a patch. I want to be able to send a text at a predetermined time. I type it at 10 pm, but it sends at 3 am while I'm asleep. Possible?
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    Wouldn't that require a Flux Capacitor ??
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    And at least 1.2 jigowatts of electricity.

    +1 to this request.
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    well played, jeff and furu.... well played!
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    +1. Would be great to be able to send emails at a future date/time, too.
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    I don't think that's possible to send it from the phone. The SDK requires the user to actually press the send button to send the text.

    Of course, with homebrew it would be possible...
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    That would be a cool feature my kyocera used to allow me send delayed texts. We just need some developer that wants the same functionality to take it on.
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    sending a text to the future would be nice i guess...but i'd rather send one into the past...
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    I figured that if an alarm can wake up a phone and play a tone or music, then the same concept could be applied to text or even email. As for sending a text to the past, maybe a few apologies you wished you had sent.
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    what would you need to send in the future. I can't think of anything right now
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    well I know sometimes I need to send reminder texts but I usually forget to send at the time I need to I can setup a text message and schedule it so it would go out like it is supposed to.
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    I had one app in my Treo650 that I used to send birthdays SMSs. So I setup all SMSs and all friends were happy with my messages (also I setup an automatic receipt so I was also "remebered" and if friend call me back I knew why..) :-) Yes I need it to my Pre too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furuboru View Post
    And at least 1.2 jigowatts of electricity.
    look for an upcoming kernel for that...

    edit: oh come ON - that was funny!
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