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    I want to be able to see what coding people have put into open source programs so that I can then learn a bit towards my own programming.

    So, take any open source program, how do I download the code to view it? Do I have to unpackage the .ipk somehow?
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    The best place to start is to download the SDK. There are many example applications in there that you can look at, and build. The SDK also comes with the code for most of the built in applications for you to view. Other than that you would have to find some open source software to look at. There are a couple of files hosted at my website for some applications.Bent Software
    There is also a couple of tutorials out there that can get you a good basic understanding.
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    Also check out which has links to open source repositories among other things.
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    Well if the app is open source, just contact the developers directly and they have to provide you with a way to access the code.

    And the webOS Internals git repo is a very good one to look at. Has apps of many calibers in there that should help you make some decent apps.
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    All right then, thanks for the ideas. I just didn't know how that stuff worked. Just found all the code in the SDK, hadn't known where to find it.
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    you can open ipk files with 7zip. Just fyi. And most developers here are pretty helpful, if someone has done something cool you want to try out, the best way to figure out how they did it is probably to just ask.

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