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    I'm an avid tennis player who likes to practice often with a ball machine. I'm also new to The Denver area. Since moving here, I've been using Google Maps in the satellite mode to search for courts close to my apartment. I have a 24 inch monitor, so it's not to hard to spot the green and red courts from the satellite images. But I can't stop thinking how great it would be if my Palm Pre Plus had an app that I could use for locating the closest court.

    Here are a few things that I think it should be able to do.

    1. User assigned. Users of this app should be able to provide the address or gps location of a court, as well as all other information. Once added, the court location and information is listed for others to see in their local search results.
    2. List public or private.
    3. List how many courts.
    4. Map and directions using Google Maps.
    5. Lights or no lights.
    6. Maybe a "check in" function like that found on the Foursquare app. This would let someone know if the court is available or full.
    7. Search function.
    8. Distance to the court from your current location.
    9. Other players that use that court.
    10. User comments on the court. Maybe a rating system that lets the person searching know that the court has worn nets or the court surface is cracked. Wind break or no wind break. Water fountain? Bathrooms? Parking?
    11. League calendar. Some public courts can be reserved by leagues or groups. It would be nice to see this in the app so I would know not to go there during that time.
    12. Might as well throw in a chat function or message board so you can brag about your win.
    13. I don't carry my phone on the court with me, but some might like a scoring function as well.

    Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!
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    The only way this would be viable would be if all that information had already been compiled...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    The only way this would be viable would be if all that information had already been compiled...
    Not necessarily. To start, the creator could provide the app for free and let users input the data from their city. Once this data started to pile up and the app was worth more, the price could increase etc. I would gladly offer my time to input data for Denver.

    If someone wants to work this with me, let me know. You'll need to understand programming. I don't have programming experience but I'm a decent Project Manager and graphic designer. Oh, I play tennis too.
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    Would love a tennis score card so I could keep track of my stats for the year and see if I'm getting better.
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    This is a great idea. I would pay for an app like this.

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