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    I was wondering if anyone had interest in creating a MythTV app for WebOS. I was just searching around and saw that there really isn't much for WebOS on MythTV. I looked at a few android apps and they look pretty nice..

    Here's one for example:
    ScreenShots - mythdroid - A selection of screenshots - Project Hosting on Google Code

    It seems pretty well built. Just wondering if anyone in the webos dev community would be hitting up some mythtv apps?
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    I actually just published my little MythTV app yesterday on Palm's Web Distribution. It is pretty limited right now, though I plan on growing it out over time. Currently all it can do is be a remote control for your frontend after you install a small script on a local webserver. I was planning on making it a hybrid javascript/plugin app but since AT&T doesn't have 1.4.5 yet and I wouldn't even be able to distribute it on the app catalog yet I went with a small server-side script.

    webmyth - Project Hosting on Google Code - project homepage (need to download script from here)

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further. - direct download

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