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    Wouldn't it be nice if you could add pages to the bottom launcher where swiping left or right in card view could change pages to the launcher? Instead of bringing up the app launcher, you have all your favorites right there... Maybe even have a page for recently or most used apps.. WebOS 2.0 or patch? Huh huh?
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    honestly I'm not really following your idea here. Maybe you can explain it a little better or put a pic up to help show what you mean.
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    down at the bottom where you have your five icons to launch dialer, launcher, etc (forget what it's called). To have multiple pages that scroll left/ right
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    And instead of one row, have a button that allows you to open a full screen of icons! Oooh, and the ability to swipe back and forth between pages!

    Seriously, I do like the idea of a most used/most recent shortcut menu ala McPhling on PalmOS.
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    Having the Launcher Bar scroll is a nice idea -- nay, it is a GREAT idea! How would the wave launcher work after this though?

    And yes, I've been looking for a recent apps list ever since I started using the Pre. The swipe up gesture would be a nice trigger for this, and just use the meta-tap/button to minimize apps or bring up the launcher. Or just include a sub-menu in the drop-down system menu.
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    check out tealspeed in the app cat. I use it every day all day very little if any drain on the battery also.
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    The ability to extend the quick launch bar (along with the right to remove the launcher icon) has been a long-desired UI feature. For reasons discussed in previous threads on this issue, patches can't add this functionality as of yet. We continue to hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rjschultz1996 View Post
    check out tealspeed in the app cat. I use it every day all day very little if any drain on the battery also.
    I've tried tealspeed but couldn't seem to get it in my daily workflow. Could you describe how this works for you?

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    the arrow button to open the app launcher is seriously a waste of space. Does anyone here actually use it? I just swipe up, I'd really like the ability to remove it.
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    and the wave launcher would just bring up whichever page is showing at the moment, or I'd go as far as to remove that functionality altogether! Takes too long to come up for my liking, even with an overclocked pre. I find it quicker to just swipe to the card view.

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