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    you can kind of use on the phone, but the bar of images is to big and in the way. I would go for just the dots showing the locations of all publicly geotagged pics, or the most interesting pics, and showing more and more when you zoom into or search for something or an area. Also, a place in the app to log in to see just your geotagged photos on the map would be cool.

    I was gna email the creator of the app Whendle about this, but couldn't find the email.
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    here is a related idea, or maybe another functionality to go along with the same app idea. If your gps is on and this function is turned on in preferences, whenever you step into a location where a geotagged photo that is public was shot, you'l get a notification. Tap to open the app, and it opens to the photo that was taken there.

    maybe there can be another option in preferences to only get that notification once per picture.

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