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    are the specs on the palm pre good enough to run a n64 emulator?
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    I wish.... I really do. That would be a ridiculously amazing feat. Doubt it's possible though or it would have been done already. Why port NES or SNES if N64 was doable?
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    cuz snes games rock
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strikerage View Post
    Why port NES or SNES if N64 was doable?
    Because the NES and SNES have an amazing library of quality games.

    Plus, an N64 emulator on the Pre would be terrible. The N64 controller has many buttons and a joystick. Using the Pre's keyboard to control the games would be a nightmare...
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    i just wanted to play the n64 version of animal crossing aha
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    Mario Kart 64 would be easy. Not all N64 games require every button on the controller.
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    I can see ocarina of time being kinda easy too considering all the buttons are onscreen anyway you could just make them actually clickable, thoug they would have to be resized so an exact port would be hard.
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    how about playing WaveRace using the accelerometer/orientation sensor? that would own.
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    how bout we just make a mario kart ripoff and call it a day?
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    I already have enough trouble as it is trying to play GBA games on my Pre with the shoulder buttons being out of whack. I couldn't imagine a N64.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    how bout we just make a mario kart ripoff and call it a day?
    shrek cart
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    On the subject of controllers, has anyone tried connecting a blue tooth controller up? (Is that even possible on the Pre?)

    The controls are the only reason I do not use the emulators that are already available. If the pre keyboard was bigger or landscape I could see using it for games.

    On topic, the pre can handle emulating the PSX. There is a fair chance that a linux n64 emulator could be ported (if a linux n64 emulator even exists).


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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    shrek cart
    i meant one that really rips it off.. Like having mario, and all that in it...
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    The Daedalus n64 emulator for the PSP ran super smooth with only 64Mb of RAM and a 333MHz clock. It's open source and coded in C++, I don't think it would be easily portable, but portable at some point I'm sure.
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    I'd love to have this for no other reason than for Tetris 64......well..not me but my wife, she LOVED that game.
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    me want it!
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    The N64 is a notoriously difficult system to emulate. I wouldn't get your hopes up on this one.
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    Considering I played N64 games on my Celeron 300A overclocked to 450Mhz I think the Cortex A-8 could handle it. Problem is most emulators are written for x86 instruction sets so getting something ported over to ARM could be difficult.
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    N64 is possible but not realistic or commercially viable..
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    I believe there is an N64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS, which shares the same hardware as the Pre. There was an article about it a while ago on Engadget. The hardware is entirely capable of emulating an N64 half ways decently, but emulating the controls would be an unintuitive nightmare. If only they would make a universal Bluetooth gaming peripheral with a phone cradle. Touchscreens and mobile keyboards seem to suck for serious gaming.

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