Ok, this is NOT about getting Chromium OS Open Sourced Builds to run on the Pre.

I found these articles today:
Guide to Running Google's Chrome OS: The Human's Guide to Running Google Chrome OS

and the referenced Source for Bootable Builds of Chromium OS: Chromium OS builds by Hexxeh

I don't have USB Flash Drive, and yes, I could go buy one, but that's not as fun as being able to go to work and say "Oh!! Look what I can do with my phone, I can use it to run Google's Chrome OS!!!"

So what we need to be able to do is create a way to write these builds to the /media/internal portion of the Pre and then while plugged into a computer get it to recognize the bootable partition while starting up and load Chrome from it.

Couple of problems I forsee:
1) I'm not an Linux Expert to know how to setup the phone to do it or to create 2 "drives" when in USB Mode, one to house the normal media/internal stuff and the other to house Chromium OS.
2) Can we get the phone to stay in USB Mode while the computer restarts?
3) Preventing this thread from getting sidetracked into how to get Chrome OS to run on a Pre