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    Everything is in the title. How to turn on camera flash light ? is there an api for that?

    thanks for answers !
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    there is a patch for that. Led torch by canuck software. He makes it as a separate app or as a patch that can add the flashlight option to drop down device menu. Get it from preware or webos quick install
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    oh, just saw where this was posted you are probably looking how to do it from a programing stand point, in that case, I have know idea
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    yes, i want to turn on the camera flash light from my app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    yes, i want to turn on the camera flash light from my app.
    Reach out to Jason Robitaille, he can help you with that.
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    btw, no official way to do it. If you use SysToolsMgr, you won't get in the App Catalog.
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    Preware App: "Myflashlight!" this is not in the app catalog, you must have preware and simply do a search and install you will also need another patch for it to work but it will explain this when you find the app before you install it

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