Hi All,

I'm using HTML 5 Audio objects to play audio streams in my app. Everything works fine for short files. When I play a long file (over about 40 minutes or so) the timeupdate event seems to stop firing - this means my play position indicator stops. The file plays fine right to the end with no problem but users see the position indicator stuck at about 2 minutes or so.

As far as I can tell, webos downloads a chunk of long files, then paused the download until the play indicator catches up a bit. I guess it's trying to stay a few minutes or a few MBs ahead of the play position. This is fine but after these pauses timeupdate doesn't fire.

Has anyone had similar problems and found a way round? Or have you been able to play long streams successfully? Maybe this is a bug in webos?


P.S. I also posted this message to the Dev Center webos developer forum in case you think it's familiar!