folks, i've been out of the loop for a while for personal reasons. i've probably got 4-5 apps that i have been working on and dropped. i'm almost ready for EggsUp to be beta tested, so if you would like to test the app AND you have time to give feedback keep reading. feedback is key, folks!

the game is almost like the cloud hopper, but a bit easier (for younger kids to also enjoy) and just as addictive. you get a dozen eggs to see how high you can go. right now there's a countup timer used for scoring, but it might also be nice to see how far you can get with a countdown timer with some future update (thinking out loud).

i'd be open to 20-30 testers. i pull first from my @shanerooni twitter account followers, so free to follow and message me there for first dibs. otherwise a PM would be fine. either way make sure i get your email address.

again, please please please only request to test if you have time to give constructive feedback (1-2 day feedback turnaround after each beta update).