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    I have been using the 800mhz kernel to play my vba games from time to time and i haven't been able to experience any games with perfect sound. Now that the 1000mhz kernel is out. Has anyone tested the sound and the stability with it?

    Is it good?
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    I have read that most games seem to play perfect with sound, I have yet to test. Not been much time but I did start testing and putting on the wiki ~ amounts on games. I was looking for a working bluetooth control to finish up the testing. Would make testing some/most games a hundred time easier.
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    1.05ghz does wonders for VBA, and with compcache at 128mb most games run extremely smooth imo.
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    VBA is now very usable @1ghz.
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    I Guess im getting the 1000mhz Kernel then!
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    Quote Originally Posted by weedow2 View Post
    I Guess im getting the 1000mhz Kernel then!
    Make sure you have temp warnings on otherwise your phone might blowup
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    It didn't work for me on 1.4.5. It crashes the Pre
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    VBA works great with the F105 thunderchief even with sound
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    Where do we get that 1000mHz kernel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chizler View Post
    Where do we get that 1000mHz kernel?
    Search for the Thunderchief kernel, and please, READ!
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    Yeah I've been playing games recently and they're kind of slow.
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    1005MHz does indeed run almost every VBA game with sound, still needs some improvement on some games but I can't complain.

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