webOS in Vietnam - MobileDevCamp 2010 by Orange on 24h and 25th of July - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

webOS is not very popular in Vietnam. And for a very good reason, the market is not yet opened there.

However, we can already see some interest here in the development community. Some mobile and webOS actors like ITS On Mobile ( Puzzle Kitchen, Orchid Wallpaper, Shaolin Academy, Google Fight and soon craigsList client ) already worked with us on webOS apps.
On VN workforce market, it's very hard to find some staff that are interested or that even know the platform.
However, after training, they really enjoy working on it. Even with webOS dev downsides ( aplenty but good sides are really good ).

The mobile community growing, Orange is organizing a Mobile Dev Camp there and will gather all mobile scene in this 2 days event.
Seminars and then coding contest are awaiting people on the 24th and 25th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

More information on the event here :
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If you want to participate, register here ( for participants of the coding contest, can be moral or physic person ):
Mobile DevCamp Vietnam 24/25th july 2010 - TRANG CHỦ

If you want to come to enjoy, no need registration.

TLi Consulting will provide webOS seminar part.