Get ready to distribute PDK apps!

The PDK is now out of beta, which means you may now begin submitting PDK-based apps to the App Catalog! As webOS 1.4.5 begins rolling out through the carriers, your apps will become available to customers with the update. If you’ve been waiting to develop or port an OpenGL/SDL game, this is the time to start! (“Hybrid” SDK/PDK apps are not currently allowed in the catalog; an app must either be developed using the SDK or using the PDK.)

Since the PDK Hot Apps competition is starting up soon, and we know you want to maximize downloads within the competition period, we will begin accepting PDK apps for review immediately, but unless you request otherwise, we will hold Pre-only or Pre-and-Pixi-targeted apps until July 15th. (Apps targeted for Pixi-only will be released as soon as they are approved, because Pixi owners have been so patient…) In order to make sure your app is available on the 15th, please have it submitted by July 7th.

To consolidate installation of webOS tools, we’ve now combined the SDK and PDK into a single installation package. It doesn’t matter whether you download from the SDK page or the PDK page, you’ll get the same package. For SDK developers who don’t want to install the PDK, you can just de-select the “PDK” option during the installation.

FAIR WARNING: You will need to completely uninstall any existing SDK or PDK installations before installing the new package. If you have put any of your own project source code, or any other files, under the SDK or PDK directories, they will be deleted. So please move them before you do this. (You really shouldn’t be keeping your source code in a program directory anyway, but you knew that, right?)

We’ve set up a special PDK email address, where you can reach a team member with your questions. So head on over to the Developer Portal, download the new webOS 1.4.5 SDK/PDK package, and start publishing!

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