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    I have been using the F105 Thunderchief and I am very pleased with the results. I am always looking for new things to experiment with on the the phone and I saw Steve's kernel was updated and wanted to give it a try.

    Will post some findings later.

    I read on webosinternals that it boots to 800mhz. Any chance of getting it to reach the 1ghz range? I need to see if Govnah can make changes to this kernel.

    Steve I noticed you named the previous kernels, I don't see a name for this one yet. I do notice the slight lag when trying to open the app.

    Steve when I try to load Avatar or NFL the Pre locks up and I have to do a battery pull. Three times this evening. All my dark profiles in Preware etc have been reset to the default profile. Just providing feedback hope it helps!
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    have you thought about using warthog kernel, it goes up to 1 ghz.
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    I have used that one as well. I just wanted to give this one a try.

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