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    Hello, i'm trying to figure out how to send a picture with messaging and i can't get it work...

    I use the following code :

           method: 'open',
           parameters: {
             id: '',
             params: {
                messageText: 'I have something to say...',
                attachment:Mojo.appPath +"/rainbow.jpg"
          onSuccess: this.handleOKResponse,
          onFailure: this.handleErrResponse
    So this doesn't work and I don't know why and I haven't find any working samples on websites.

    Thanks for help.
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    the application LOL does it! Does the LOL app dev can help me ?
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    I'd be logging Mojo.appPath + "/rainbow.jpg" to make sure it's the correct path. I have a feeling you won't need the extra slash appended.

    Not sure what else it would be, sorry.
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    hey boucles - picsketcher will populate a text message automatically with a picture if that's what you are looking for. if so, i'll try to hunt down the code for you.
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    well I want to do somthing like this in the picture : open the messaging app with a picture attached inside.
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