Funkatron just announced this on Twitter:

State of Spaz Desktop, webOS - BIG NEWS

- July 16th is the Twitter Basic Auth cutoff.


- Here's the big news: Palm has donated Palm Pre Plus phones for AT&T
for me to GIVE AWAY to the top 3 contributors to Spaz webOS from now
until July 12. That's the day (I believe) we *need* to submit Spaz
webOS to Palm for review, so it can be ready by the 16th.
So, you want a free phone? Get your *** in gear. Download the SDK now:


Palm has been a major supporter of open source, and Spaz is (AFAICT)
the only open source microblogging client available on the platform.
Help me keep it going, please.
Note that they already have xAuth working on Spaz desktop, so for anyone that knows what they're doing, getting the webOS version to work shouldn't be too bad.