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    So I'm feeling bad about all the hard work that went into Palm OS 6.1 Cobalt. And besides that playing around with the emulator, It seems that it's actually really sweet. Anyways IDK what we can do with it, but a port to the Pre would be really sick. Perhaps an emulator app like how VBA emulates GBA? All the old notes and todo and calendar stuff that people are missing on webOS would be back.

    It also seems to be really light. I bet it would load in 30 seconds. I'm sure drivers and lack of documentation and interest stop this from happening but come on. It would be really cool.

    Here is the emulator if you wanna play with it or make a Port of some kind for the Pre Simulator Palm OS Cobalt (Palm OS) - Download
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    Playing around with Palmsim.ini I've managed to get the app to launch in 640x480 and in landscape. I also increased the ram and tested a palm OS garnet app (tealOS) it works.
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    I am quite intrigued at this point. Please keep us up to date on your progress
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    agreed. :-)
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    oh yeah.

    bring it.

    I can see the headlines now...

    PalmOS runs on Palm's webOS...

    isn't that israeli company bring a palmos or garnet phone..??

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