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    I don't know a lot of technical things with computers, just enough to get my feet wet and then some. But for those that are knowledgeable, are any of these possible? They all would use the same function - when the screen is turned off, do x.

    WiFi - For those that keep theirs on, is it possible to have it shut off after something like a minute of the screen being off?

    3G - Same thing, can it be turned off and only the EDGE network connected when the screen is off? Would it effect a phone call when the screen was turned back on and the phone tried connecting to 3g?

    GPS - Same, I don't really need it when it's in my pocket (I know, I can have it turned on only when I use the apps that need it.. still curious)

    Notification Light - I know it probably doesn't use much energy, but I'm still curious, any way to turn it on or off? Or maybe have it on longer intervals?

    I'm under the assumption that if any of the first 3 can be done, they all can be.. I'm just unsure on the consequences of doing so. Such as.. a call being dropped when changing networks. But I'm sure we could figure out a way to keep it from connecting to 3G until after the call if that was the case. I just want to find an ultra low power state for when I'm not using the phone. I'd like to see better standby time out of my phone. And it just seems like there should be a way to do it. Thanks!
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    Check out Mode Switcher:

    To turn off notification light, go to Screen & Lock, turn "Blink Notifications" off.

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    Wifi you can set to turn off when the phone sleeps (screen off). That's how I have mine, and everytime you turn the screen back on, it searches and connects to the network. 3G, only thing that comes to mind is mode switcher, or doing it manually with a patch. GPS, like you said, you can set to ask for permission.

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