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    I just wanted to take a moment and thank the homebrew community, especially the developers who have made all the patches and apps that make webOS so much nicer than palm has been able to do on their own. Without you guys I would be buying an EVO soon. Fortunately I have had the chance to play with it and dont like android, and I have patched the hell outta my pre and love it. Keep up the good work devs... it is much appreciated!

    Hopefully soon Palm can give us a new sweet piece of hardware to let you devs really push webOS to the next level...
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    Well said
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    Yeah thanks guys, you do great things.

    Without homebrew, I would have switched phones months ago!
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    It's the awesome developers who make webos the best platform/community out there. I really think palm should hire you guys. Thanks a million!
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    Two thumbs up to WebOS Internals for all their patches that turn wish-list items into reality, and to Palm for making that possible by publishing the full sources for everything from the kernel to the UI.

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