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    So most of us have owned a Palm Pre. Also some of us have experienced the head phone jack issue where the Phone randomly thinks the headset is plugged in but its really not. Its not really a huge deal but sometimes you get a call and you cant hear the person speaking until you switch to speaker. Some people have the screen turn on and off as the phone switches repeatedly from headset to phone. Or your volume just goes crazy all day long. I personally have an overclocked pre. I like to push it to the limits but then when I need it to cool down i cannot be sure the thing is going to stay off. have it overclocked at 1ghz and sometimes the screen randomly comes on and stays on. Might not be able to trust it in my pocket... might melt or explode lol

    I searched the patches but couldn't find anything on this. I am just wondering how difficult it would be to create a patch that just completely ignores the headphone jack. Maybe something that can be enabled or disabled by a toggle switch or menu option. Basically just disables the sensor and leaves the Phone in regular phone mode all the time. When enabled if you plug headphones in it just doesn't detect them.

    Sprint pre -> Motorola Photon 4G
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    Oops I just realized that I posted this in the wrong Form!

    Could a moderator move this to the webos patch forms?

    I am deeply sorry.
    Sprint pre -> Motorola Photon 4G

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