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    My system volume is randomly going all the way up or down, and then continues to try and go all the way you or down because the volume indicator stays popped up on my screen. If I go into my sounds and ringtones application I can change the volume using the slider, but as soon as I lt go of the slider it starts to increment back to al the way up or all the way down. When my phone isn't doing this I'm able to use my volume rocker normally to change the volume.

    This is causing big problems for me because my mute switch is broken.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this after instaling the F105 kernel (this started a few hours after I installed that kernel), and if there is a patch to disable the volume rocker, in case this is a hardware problem.
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    I'm not..but I am having issues with brightness going all the way down randomly, but I have a feeling that it is due to brightness unlinked.
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    When you start seeing the volume flip out make a call to your voice mail. and look at the speaker icon on the far left button at the bottom. Does it look like a phone or a headset?

    I am just wondering because I had the problem once before. The volume thing comes on and goes up and down but instead of it being the bell next to the volume level image it was the music symbol. The problem was cause by the headjack on the pre. Turns out if you use headphones enough the sensor inside the jack starts acting funny and doesn't realize that there is nothing plugged in anymore. I sorta fixed it, not permanently though , by using a Q-tip and thinning the end and twisting it around in the jack to clear out any dust. also to a can of air to it. Seems to get better for a while then goes right back to flipping out. Its on my list to go to the sprint store and have it fixed or replaced.
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    When I'm using the phone the icon turns into what I'm pretty sure is the speakerphone icon. It's not the bell or music notes at least.

    Anyway I haven't had this problem for the last couple of days, which to me really says a software problem. Although it could be something else, F105 was the only new thing from around that time.
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    Uninstalling F105 is the only way to find out if that is causing it. These are the sorts of problems you need to report in the thread discussing this kernel rather than posting a new thread all together. Knowing which model and version you have would help too.
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    Is it so hard to keep this in the F105 thread? That's where questions/feedback should be reported.
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