So at the moment there are no errors in the log. The Template is loading inside the scene but there is no content. On tap it should push the template like a new scene with the content in it.
I postet my Code here so you can have a look:

So here the assistants:

The Scene HTML:

JavaScript | <span class="content">Videofor - Views/formate/formate-scene.html - Px0hT18n -

The formate.json stored in assistance/formate.jsjsjs

The Template stored in views/formate/formattemplate.html

JavaScript | <span class="content">Name</ - Template - 9aDvWtv7 -

On the tap of the mpg listelement a new scene should pushed with the template and the right content in it.
The second question is how could I use just one function (like the one which exists) to load other contents with this Template (when there are more listelements which can be tapped).

Thanks alot for your help!!!