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    Hi guys:

    Apologize if this question has already been asked; couldn't seem to find it. What options are available for a 3D Engine for the Palm PDK?

    I've seen that Unreal is supposed to be available, but on their site they have nothing about WebOS support.

    I've been playing around with Irrlicht, which has an OpenGL ES port, but it looks like there's quite a bit of tinkering that needs to be done to get Irrlicht compiling for Palm. Has anyone been down that road already? Any experiences anyone can share?

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    I had the impression that the most recent release of UE3 was offically supported on WebOS in the UDK but I haven't actually looked.

    I believe the only other engine that has annouced official support for WebOS is ShiVa
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    I think Shiva looks best at the moment simply because it seems to have the complete package.

    Another one is SIO2 Interactive where in one of his posts, he mentioned porting it to Webos, but I have not contacted him to see where it is at.
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    Shiva is quite expensive if I read their site right... or is it just the editor they charge for, with the engine being free?
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    It looks like the Shiva Editor Unlimited is $200 which would be expensive for a hobby, but could be worth it if potential sales would recoup it.
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    Yeah, $200 is expensive but if it's a complete package I'd say it's well worth the price. Best ones always costs more, I guess.
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    The unreal engine (last I heard) was only a tech demo, and epic is not currently actively developing a port for webos.

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