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    Every now and then..the phone becomes unresponsive for a couple of seconds. Essentially, it just chokes for those few seconds. Even at fixed 800Mhz profile. Not sure if this is due to Uber kernel or not. I usually don't have more than one app running. Either IM or email or web browser or whatever...just one thing at time. Even when i am pressing the pin to unlock the phone, one of the digits will remain pressed (highlighted) for a few seconds...

    Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't notice before when I had orig palm kernel and had installed SPK. I had to perform forced partial erase and that corrupted my SPK app. I uninstalled them and installed the recovery kernel several times and now running Uber kernel. Not sure if the partial erase and SPK corruption have anything to do with this sluggishness or not.

    Any thoughts?

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    I had this happen when I had the UberKernel and with the CompCache on all speed sets. I believe this is due to the kernels as it does not happened on a stock Pre Kernel for me.
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    Same for me. I'm on fixed 720Mhz. And I think it comes from Uber Kernel. Not sure though.
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    I have the -50 kernel and it is really respnsive! No probs at all. Govnah screenstate 500/720. Seems to me the best kernel so far.
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    same here 500/720 seem to be the best
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    can someone post the f 102a patch plzzzzzzzz
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    This happens to me as well--and did with UK as well as F102, which I am running now. Everything slows down for a while and then it catches up. I am sure someone is going to suggest a trip to the Doctor, but I would really like to avoid that!
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    Do you guys have NewsRoom installed?
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    I only have an issue with my Pre switch from screenstate 500/800 to screenstate which i restart, 125/800 thereby making the Pre boot at 125 which takes about 12mins to restart.
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    I have this as well. I'm using a stable Uber Kernel without compcache support fixed @ 720. The behaviour described by OP started however from the moment I upgraded Govnah (just Govnah, not the kernel) to the first release with compcache support. And it's still here a few newer Govnah releases later.

    It annoys me most in messaging app, where I just have to wait a few times during each message I type before the Pre gets responsive again.
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    Yup...same here but not only does it get sluggish but it frequently freezes for about 10 seconds ..... And usually right when I need to something in a hurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikefoxtrot View Post
    same here 500/720 seem to be the best
    Does the profile say unknown in that case? it says screen state with 500/800, but it says unknown with 500/720. Is that expected? Thanks.
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    same here, freezes for like few seconds. And I have the kernel / Govnah. Maybe I should use different overclock.
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    Mine slows down for a while--to the point that if I open one of my e-mail accounts, it will take a long time for the list of messages to populate, for instance. And then it returns to normal.

    It's almost like it is either getting stuck in a slow state--or it is hanging on some background process.
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    I'm using F102 screenstate Compcache and haven't had any of these problems mention. Honestly, when was the last time anyone of you went to the doc for a checkup. There might be something wrong with the phone's health. It's highly recommended to vist the doc, when the phone is I'll. :-)
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    I went yesterday, but I have not put uberKernel back yet :/
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    I have UberKernel & Govnah and don't have the problems y'all are describing. The only problem I have that is similar is when I try to respond to an email message that has got too many replies, but I had that problem starting with the 1.4 update (with stock kernel) and I think it is a known problem. I have NewsRoom installed and use it all the time.
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    Yeah, this kind of thing can happen w/UberKernel. I defer here to rwhitby's explanation, but as I understand it, UberKernel (in it's more recent iterations) has changed the condition where the TMC error is detected and signaled to Luna. Instead of giving the TMC, UK elects to swap to flash. The problem with this is that flash space is really, really slow. And when swapping to flash, the whole OS boggs down momentarily.

    By default, both the stock palm kernel and UK swap to flash. The stock Palm kernel swaps less frequently, though. Instead it has an agressive memory limit and will signal a condition for a TMC error more frequently. UK on the other hand, doesn't try as hard to prevent swapping, and allows swapping to flash to happen. Of course, at the cost of bogging down while it's swapping.

    You can make the situation a little better by enabling compcache, which allocates memory and then gives it back to you as compressed swap space. So you'll swap more often, but you'll get back swap space that's a LOT faster than writing to/from flash. You pay for this with slightly slower access to RAM as pages that go to compcache must be compressed and decompressed.

    Essentially, your choices are this:
    • Stock kernel: no overclocking, pretty consistent speed, but with most frequent TMC errors
    • UberKernel w/o compcache: overclocking, w/fewer TMC errors, but bogged down when swapping to flash
    • UberKernel w/compcache: overclocking, w/fewer TMC errors, more consistent speed, but slightly less consistant than stock

    Now there's a non-zero probability that rwhitby will comment on this thread and chastise my explanation. If that happens, he's right and I'm wrong.
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    I'm having the same issues. Most noticeable in email and messaging apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    I only have an issue with my Pre switch from screenstate 500/800 to screenstate which i restart, 125/800 thereby making the Pre boot at 125 which takes about 12mins to restart.
    Based on the way they are developing the kernels, you should be booting at 500 mhz. From a couple of Rods posts as well as rule 4 of the principles of kernel design, the kernels are designed to boot at factory speed until govnah (or script, etc) has been launched to set your profile.

    Check principle number 4 here:
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