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    I'm creating an app that launch music player with :

    this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
        method: "launch",
        parameters: {
            id: "",
            params: {
                target: ""
    How to close the music player app from my app ?

    mojo.close or something ?

    Thanks for answers !!!
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    I don't think one app can close another app. If it's possible, I would like to know as well though, haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boucles0 View Post
    How to close the music player app from my app ?
    You shouldn't, and you can't. If a user doesn't want the music player, they'll just toss that card away. If you want to duplicate the functionality of a certain application, you should use the services and data objects. (Yes, it would be very useful if the other app can have a "timeout" set or something so that it closes on its own or does some kind of communication... but that should be up to the other app, not yours. And it's still usually a bad idea.)

    If you want to play music, why not just use an HTML5 audio object?

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    thanks ! but is there an API to pause the music player from my app ? like this is done in this video of sleeptimer :

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