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    I like that my phone is faster now that I have overclocked it to 800mhz, but the fact is that the battery is worst now before and isnt worth it. I can't image how bad my phone will be being overclocked at 1ghz... I can just see it now, im stranded some where and I have no juice in my phone becasue I wanted my phone to be faster. WebOS really needs to use the capability of the pre's processor correctly, it doesnt. It has 1900 ghz processer. and its defaulted with 600 mhz.. lol I hope the webOS can speed up the processor and not use as much of the battery with the new udpdate.... well see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilpinkeye View Post
    I should'a mentioned that I have doctored my Pre this morning (after the first loop) and experienced the same result on a fresh install. Thing is cursed lol

    Either way, the work ya guys put in is awesome
    If you're getting a reboot loop on a kernel installed from Preware on a freshly doctored device, then I want to know about that.

    -- Rod
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    I've been using the kernel for about a day. I'm getting about 10-13% battery drain when using the phone. Lowest I've seen it at idle was about 7%, probably due to not leaving my phone along more then 30 minutes! Runs much smoother then the uberkernel. Uber was sometimes slow to respond and 3D gaming and video recording was spotty at times (freezing, lagging). No running back ground apps. Have max freq set to 900Mhz, low to 250Mhz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikea4 View Post
    Have max freq set to 900Mhz, low to 250Mhz.
    As the low end can not be changed (see first post in this thread) you are still on 500 MHz i think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inta View Post
    As the low end can not be changed (see first post in this thread) you are still on 500 MHz i think.
    yeah, I've noticed that. Despite being set to 250MHz it never goes to it!
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    I have been using this kernal for the past 4 days. It has extended my battery life by a full 3 hours easy with light usage, i have gone from a fully charged phone at 7am to about 10:45 pm the same day on a single charge. Thank you very much for this kernal. I love it. and I was trying to show my friend where to get it, but it is no longer available. Was it replaced or incorporated in the new warthog?

    thanks for this kernal, its awesome!
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    After running -69 since a few hours after people started posting about it here, I can say that there are no more pauses running apps, and things run beautifully. It does make me feel like I need to get a better battery with a custom Touchstone back though, since the battery drain is pretty severe when I am running at 1GHz. Can't complain about the kernel, just the tiny battery.
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    My phone is noticeably faster at 1 ghz than it was at 800. I am running F105 1.4.1-69. I have owned my Pre Plus (Verizon) for about 5 weeks now. Up until I installed F105, I had only 1 random restart on the phone. With F105 installed, I am getting 1 random restart every 24 hours or so. Temps never go above 45.

    Is it possible that a patch or program I have installed isn't playing nicely with F105?
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    i posted like 2 weeks ago about my usage and feelings about F105 -69. here's some updated notes from my experience.

    * idle battery usage: when i go to bed, i left the Battery Monitor app open along with the Messaging app, 2-3 bars coverage, EVDO on, no wifi, no bt, battery drain is close to 2% per hour. if i turn off data connection [no EVDO, no 1X], the drain is significantly lower (1.2% or less, depending on signal strength and text messages received). these tests have been done over a period of 8~9 hours without touching the phone. the lowest percentage i've gotten was when i turned off the entire phone radio and no apps open, excluding Battery Monitor app, i managed to get 0.13% per hour.

    * battery usage with moderate use: while in phone calls on average coverage area [2-3 bars], having the screen on drains the battery quite quickly. i could say like 1% per minute. this is understandable because the cpu is clocked to 1 GHz and the signal strength is not the best. with the screen off, it's a whole different story. battery consumption is much lower (obviously). surfing the web while multitasking text messages, checking preware feeds, checking mail, and using twee simultaneously does consume a high amount of battery.

    so far, i am very pleased with this kernel. while it does suck battery like there's no tomorrow, the speed is worth it. while the phone is idle, with the screen off, the battery usage is minimal following my usage patterns. i'm cool with it.
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    I hope I don't seem lazy, but I didn't read all of the 47 pages.

    Although I installed the F105 properly through preware and have the newest version of Govnah, it shows me a quickly alternating frequency of 500MHz and NaN... =( doesn't feel fast, and preware states there are no kernels installed.The same bugs appear when I install the orignal Palm Kernel. Pre was doctored a week ago and is on 1.4.5 on O2 Germany.

    Also, it shows temperatures of 49-51°C, though not feeling too hot. (I don't know if it's important, but here in Germany it is really hot these days...)

    is it because I'm already on 1.4.5? I don't think so, the link to the feed included 1.4.5.

    Governor: screenstate
    Min Freq: 500MHz
    Max Freq: 1005MHz
    Compcache enabled: true
    Compcache Memlimit: 32MB

    F105 v1.4.5-69

    Govnah 0.5.3

    Where did I go wrong?

    Thanks already!
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeezy View Post
    for those with higher temps, I highly suggest removing any kernels, install the recovery kernel, and then the f105 again. I did this after having high temps and it solved the problem for me
    I uninstalled F104 but upon reboot Govnah reported my speed still at 800 with Userspace profile. (even after two reboots). I installed the recovery Kernel and Govnah reported everything back to normal. I then proceeded with F105 and thus far, on my 36th hour or so, I've noticed speed increases and definitely better browser rendering but also a few random hiccups here and there. (fractions of a second). Nothing major but worth mentioning.

    Battery drainage check being done today. I'll play with it some and use it normally. I'm a heavy user. Always on: Wifi, GPS. Emails left and right, no radio usage just a little Music/Video playing. Lots of surfing/Web/Data usage over Wifi since my local signal strength is pretty weak.

    Thank you sir for your work/time devotion.
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    update: after installing the recovery kernel succesfully (stated by preware), the IPKG-log is empty... is that normal?
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    I've been using .69 for a few weeks now and this kernel rocks. I have had no issues...except the phone getting hot when charging on the touchstone. I feel that even with the phone at 500MHz the phone feels smoother then stock.

    Battery drain is also going great, I really don't see a big drain on the battery..if I have good signal. If I have bad signal (Verizon) the phone won't even charge if plugged in.

    I also noticed that in low signal areas, this kernel gives me more signal then with the stock pre+. Not sure why that is. Great work!
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    this sounds pretty promising as for as stability
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    Is this really as dangerous as it flashed to seem?
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    Does the 1ghz with Screenstate lock the CPU in slower speeds in different operations? Ex: Charging, while talking, Browsing etc...
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    I just started having the same intermittent NaN display in Govnah but if you terminal

    cat /proc/cpuinfo

    do you show 1001.2 with the screen on? Mine does and with the screen off and using NoDoze it shows 498.07 which is 500 basically. I don't want to reboot as I'm doing a battery drain test right now.

    Update: The NaN issue appears to be a Govnah thing with its latest release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessejames1of3 View Post
    Does the 1ghz with Screenstate lock the CPU in slower speeds in different operations? Ex: Charging, while talking, Browsing etc...
    I've read that it does in Charge mode...

    Read first post
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    I agree ... Lets see if we can utilize more off the processor speed capability without the losing effects of the battery or temps.
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    I think it does. this information was posted somewhere. I forget where..I think when charging using the USB port on device the speed drops to 500. Not sure about other cases.

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