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    I installed this Kernel on a Pre and tried it out for a couple of hours almost immediately I noticed my CPU temp hovered between 42 - 45 degrees (with nothing running) and continually jumped into the low 50's when surfing the web, playing youtube videos or PDK games.

    For that reason I decided to uninstall an revert back to UK for the time being.

    As an FYI.. Performance was indeed noticeably faster and my battery didn't appear to take any bigger of a hit than with using UK !
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    had it for about a day now, have noticed big improvement in page rendering, scrolling and my 3d games run smoother.. no heat problems, at light use it stays in the 30's, heavier use up to 42. battery life seems the same as the other kernels...
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    My battery hovers in the 34-45c range with this kernel. Battery usage is slightly worsened but definitely worth the increased load times!
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    for those with higher temps, I highly suggest removing any kernels, install the recovery kernel, and then the f105 again. I did this after having high temps and it solved the problem for me
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    Installed F105 and so far no problems. I had the 800MHz .sh and then moved to UberKernal. Uber definitely stuttered more than .sh.

    * No page stutters or slow wake up on F105
    * Contact scrolling stutters slightly still
    * Maps loads just as slow as UK (15-25s)
    * Temp after sleep is 32C
    * Temp after moderate browsing is 38C
    * Web scrolling smoother with less gray boxes
    * E-mail feels a bit snappier
    * TMC issues went away with UK for me (Sprint Pre), so I can't compare

    Overall not a huge difference over UK, but still an improvement. Battery life seems about the same as UK as well.

    Awesome kernal and awesome work. I also use fast card animations so everything feels super snappy, on par or better than Evo, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4
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    One large improvement that I have experienced is the camera app. Very smooth and very few lags when switching from camera mode to photo mode. With UK, after taking a picture would *sometimes* slow the phone down for about 5-10s, but not with F105. Not sure if this has more to do with the increased frequency or the compcache optimizations.

    Photo viewer by itself is about the same as UK. Not bad, much better than stock, but iPhone is still smoother and faster (especially in going from "fuzzy" to "focused").
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    at the 12 hour mark and nothing negative to report. Just to add i did a complete doctor of my sprint pre before i installed the kernel. I had one of the old 800Mhz .sh scripts installed so i may not be a good judge of this kernel. To me everything has greatly improved no high temps, no TMC errors, able to run more than one 3d game at once. it even seems to charge faster on the touchstone, maybe my imagination. also like most have stated the camera app is greatly improved from what ive seen. Thats all i have to report for now be back in another 12 hours
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    Okay so I doctored my Pre and now I'm using this kernel. Let me just say that before I doctored my Pre I had been using the and prior to that the I doctored my Pre and installed this one, so far I don't notice much of a difference. The camera is a lot quicker & Preware loads quickly. But other than that, it's kinda the same as the I will come back & post more after more time. Thanks!!
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    ok been running the kernel for 1 day now.. temps are fine scrolling still randomly lags. and camera takes longer than usual. but overall no tmc error and better performance.
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    ive had this installed for 24 hours and everything feels really fast and snappy; even more so than the 800 mhz. maps only takes 5 seconds to load and find my gps location and i have the palm pre plus on verizon! browser pages load quicker. everything scrolls smoothly. top temperature ive experienced so far is 39 degrees while charging. it usually stays at 32 degrees. also ive had NO random restarts campared to the 2 times daily random restarts of the UK. i love this kernel!
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    Ran it for about 14 hours with the battery percentage finally alerting me at below 20% while doing the following:

    -Ran twee, facebook, world cup app, and card ace poker app for 3 hours
    -Web browsing and streaming on Pandora for 2.5 hours
    -had an avergage of about 6 Cards open one of which being Govnah with temp at its highest at any point being 43
    -3-4 phone calls ranging from 20-30 minutes each
    -facebook chat spoof patch from preware running and chatting for about 1.5 hours

    I doctored my Pre and installed afterwards which I trully believe solves some of the problems with Temps and lagging that people may be experiencing with this Kernel. unixpsycho stated clearly that it was STRONGLY suggested to do so especially if already installed previous kernels and WebOS updates. Now...

    I have to say hands down that I am RIDICULOUSLY impressed with this Kernel. lagged once only when I recieved a phonecall while running an app (I kinda expected that for some reason), but other then that, Apps loaded very seamlessly and response time was dramatically improved from previous Kernels, UK, F102 etc... It's amazing how The EVO and iPhone really other then hardware trully are MILLLLEEESSSSSS behind WebOS. I laugh and Mock at those people who would settle for such an inferior OS (IMO). Been with Pre since Launch day 09 customer #4 at my local Sprint Store purchased 7:53 am ... Yea, I love it that much!
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    Running F105 for ~24 hours now. So far everything is smooth & safe. Temps are typically in the high 20C range (used for brief periods, 30's if used longer). Less lag when scrolling, apps open faster, things feel smoother. No problem with phone, text, 3g or WIFI reception. Signal strength & quality, and call voice performance all seem comparable. However I'm one of the lucky one's that doesn't seem to have a problem at any speed. I still need to do more battery testing, but so far it does seem like I'm reading incrementally higher battery drain (not horrible, just a couple % higher than 800). No locks, lags, sticks, stutters, or any screen on/off, or TMC problems. I don't multitask more then 3-4 apps at a time (mostly productivity, messaging, calendar, etc.) and no problem with any. My phone is a Verizon PrePlus with approx 95 patches, updates, and apps.

    So far, Marco's 1.5.0 was the best battery performer for me, where I measured as little as 0.89% drain per hour in standby. F104 I could get in the mid 1%-2% range long as there wasn't much background activity. I need more time with F105 to get enough readings to have a fair average.

    So far, I'm liking F105's speed a lot. Bat drain maybe slightly higher, temps so far just a bit higher, but neither indicates any problem. And BTW, screen state toggling & speed choices (500-720-1005) appear to all be working "as designed" from what I've experienced.
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    I like the speed a lot, and the temp are not that bad with the kernel. I only have issues when charging on the touchstone and then using the phone right away.
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    I'm finishing up on day two of testing, I will do one more day and post a full detailed post with my experiences.

    I have to ask, how did you guys reach this cpu speed and keep the temps so low? I have a feeling Palm had the voltage much higher than needed and you guys lowered it, any of that true? It's just my speculation. More coming soon!
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    Ok ran battery monitor all morning. so far this is the results..

    no gps, no wifi, no bluetooth, no other apps open. very light 5-10txt messages in and out.
    ran for 4h 2m. Battery monitor is polling every 60seconds
    4.64% dphr started at 98% now at 80%
    CPUtemp currently 27C Battery Temp 29C

    will reset battery monitor now and report back in about 4 hours.
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    I love your work and have donated to you a couple of times. However, what I dont understand is that you wont tell us where to get this new kernal but its obvious to some where to get it. I have the testing feeds installed and cant find it anywhere there. Cant you just tell us where to get it rather than toying with us?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevesrjr86 View Post
    If it wasn't this way then people who have TS would be screwed since the screen stays on the whole time. It is a good feature along with the one that drops your cpu to 500mhz when plugged to a wall charger. Everything is for a reason.
    And why cant it be set like this if it is charging & the screen is set to <5? Should not not have an issue then right? Instead of screen just set to <5. Problem solved, I would think.
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    Please dont ask that question. he is not toying with anyone. there are many ways to find it all you need to do is use our friend google. Like has been stated many times. If you dont know how to get it without asking than you shouldnt be testing it. No offense but i dont want to see this go away because once again people are asking a question that was specifically stated in the first post to not ask. so please dont ask him again or you will punish us all when he pulls it from the feed. if you have the testing feed then you are halfway there. keep searching.
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    seriously people I'm not even that tech knowledgeable and I was able to find what I needed in about 30min just by searching the forums and google. I have to agree that if finding the info is to hard then making such a big change to your phone configuration is not for you. wait for an official release in the standard preware feeds.
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    Please people, let's not flog a dead horse. Nobody is being toyed with, it's a simple matter really... this is an ALPHA TEST. To contribute anything useful, there's a certain level of willingness to work (i.e. find it), understanding, and ability to test it and contribute meaningful data. Finding the kernel is basically the initiation process. If you can't, then it's unlikely you will contribute any useful data, or be able to help troubleshoot the process if there are problems.

    Just for grins, I spent a couple minutes pretending that I didn't have any idea where to get it, did some searching, and within a minute found the feed address & downloaded new copies. This also verifies they are still in the webos-kernels/testing feed (hint hint), available to anyone who looks. And if you still can't get the hint I just gave, please wait for the final release.

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