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  • Thanks for helping a linux noob like me terminal into my device!

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  • Wow this looks easier than whatever crap I'm doing on windows to terminal in.

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  • I don't need this but that Linux Mint desktop looks really nice!

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  • Well duh, you are a noob if you think you're cool for figuring this out.

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    I remember when the Pre first came out I was using Windows. I had to install the sdk just so I could install homebrew apps. I also remember using putty to terminal into my device for the first time. Now that we have much easier methods for homebrew and patches, I hadn't thought about any of this much. However, within the last six months I've been using various linux desktop distros.

    I wanted to poke around inside my Pre, and I figured there was an equivalent program to putty on linux. I looked some, but then decided to just attempt to invoke the novaterm program from the command line. It worked!

    I did a few searches to see if this has been covered, and as far as I can tell it hasn't. This may seem silly to a lot of you seasoned linux gurus out there, but for many just learning linux this could help.

    Here are the steps to very easily terminal into your Pre on linux.

    1. Use a linux distro based on Debian. I am running Linux Mint x64.

    2. Install the appropriate novacom package located in step 5 here:

    Installing the SDK on Linux €“ Palm Developer Center

    You don't have to install the sdk, just the novacom package. You already have to do this in order for WOSQI to work on a linux distro. NOTE: These packages are .deb format, which should work perfectly with Debian or any Debian based distro. They will not work with other distros like PCLOS, Mandriva, openSUSE, or Fedora.

    3. Open the terminal.

    4. Enter the command novaterm.

    You are in!
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    that's pretty cool. Thanks!
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    Yes, my primary problem with that is "use a Debian-based distro". I develop Linux-based appliances, and my primary dev machine is running CentOS, an RPM-based distro. I'll have to jump through hoops with alien to get the .debs repackaged in order to get the SDK and Novacom on a machine that I use on a regular basis, rather than on a Win installation that I have to boot to.
    It's actually getting in the way of writing code, sadly enough.
    10+ years of PalmOS and WebOS devices, from Vx through several Clies (until Sony killed them), to Tungsten T5 and T|X, to Centro, to Pre Plus.
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    You could use an Ubuntu appliance in a virtual machine running on CentOS to access your webOS device

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    You could use an Ubuntu appliance in a virtual machine running on CentOS to access your webOS device

    -- Rod
    That's a good idea. I'll be honest, I am still new to the linux game, still learning, and still distro hopping. I've been limiting myself to Debian based distros so I can use the Palm novacom package. I should look into this method to free myself up a bit.

    Rod, how much overhead/hassle is it to use your suggested method? I would rather run a native application. Hell I don't even use wine, I just find good enough alternatives to windows programs, or just keep dual booting. The main things keeping a windows partition on my hard drive are MediaMonkey and Sykpe (can't get the video to function correctly under linux, thats the next thing I'm going to research and tackle).

    I am definitely enjoying my adventure into linux, including making a few patches for the Pre. I have definitely benefited from the huge contributions webosinternals has made to the webOS community. Thanks a bunch Rod! Yall should have another donation drive and take some of my money!

    EDIT: I just donated, I've been putting it off for far too long!
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    On my Windows PC, I just download Preware, install OpenSSH, and use Putty. Simple to me and I also can use WinSCP for wireless GUI file directories.

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