What I'm trying to do here is have wifi 3 transparent so I can
see gauge in the back-ground.

gauge.png + arm.png = gauge done.png

Here is what code I have.

#wifi.bar-3 {
     -webkit-perspective: 100; 
  <div style="height: 26px;
     width: 30px;
     background-image: url(/media/internal/.scrims/gauge.png);" >
     <div style="height: 26px; 
     background-color: transparent;
     background-image: url(/media/internal/.scrims/css-wifi-3.png);
     width: 30px;
     -webkit-transform: scale(1) rotate(-45deg);" >
Only the gauge image shows up and it rotates
Wfi needs to rotate.

What is wrong here.
I'm new to type of code so any help would be appreciated.