Hi.I am trying to booting webos-arm on other arm hardware.I had some ideas how to do using the kernel and filesystem included on doctor but i have found a better way to do.
The main idea is booting webos on diferent machines or maybe emus (qemu-arm,beagle board...)

I need some people for helping ,no need great knowledge.
Also almost a palm pre user which can do a backup of his/her palm pre machine.
It has 3 partitions and it is faster and cleaner begining and using them then create at hand and "poblate" using rootfs included on Doctor.
The palm pre user onlu would have to make a backup using Webos Internals Meta Doctor,and/or launching a dd or cat comand on its device.

if some interesting i will help better.

Also i posted some older ideas on "booting webos on qemu" post