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    I created a very simple eSpeak service for personal projects, but it might prove useful for others so here it is.
    As it is used as any other service, it could be used to write patches or apps to announce caller ID, read text messages, announce song title (would be useful while driving) or any other crazy thing you might think about.

    My linux install isnīt working, so I havenīt been able to build eSpeak by myself. Meanwhile, you'll need to install the eSpeak package that comes with Navit:
    Note that Navit isnīt needed, only the eSpeak package that comes with it.

    Here is an example of how to call the service from your app:

    	var Obj = new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://com.kauna.espeakservice',
       		method: 'readText',
    			text: "Hello World"
    Currently there is just one method, but I'll include options to select different voices and read text from files.

    I've tested it on my Pre and found no problems, but take in mind that this is in no way final and that updates will eventually come.

    So here is the package and source:
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    Can it read Chinese words?
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    This sounds very promising and useful. I look forward to a homebrew, in the near future.
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    What else happened with this??
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    Has anyone looked at making this as a standalone app ... To read selected text... Its very useful... There are similar apps On droid and iPhone that I use while commuting, I would pay for this. Especially if integrated into an ereader.
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    I want speech to text.... really bad
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    has this gone anywhere??
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    Not until now. The webOS service is still missing, so it is only used by Navit.


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