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    When I go to Home - Palm Developer Center the menus do not show text. The page background is gray. While waiting for a doctor appointment I wanted to read up on developing for the Pre and couldn't because the navigation was hidden.

    11:23 AM Connecting...
    11:23 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    11:23 AM Support session established with Sigmund.

    11:23 AM Sigmund: Hello Tanny .
    11:24 AM Tanny O'Haley: Hi
    11:25 AM Tanny O'Haley: I just checked the emulator and the problem is in the emulator too.
    11:26 AM Sigmund: I understand that you are unable to view the Palm developer sight on the Pre device.
    11:26 AM Sigmund: That seems to be that developer site is not meant for those devices.
    11:27 AM Tanny O'Haley: Okay, do you see the irony of that statement?
    11:28 AM Sigmund: Do mean to say that you are unable to see the menu items ?
    11:28 AM Tanny O'Haley: Yes
    11:28 AM Tanny O'Haley: And the background of the page is gray instead of the graphic they use.
    11:29 AM Sigmund: Are you able to access all Palm websites?
    11:30 AM Tanny O'Haley: Checking
    11:34 AM Tanny O'Haley: On the Pre I'm unable to access Palm USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses through wifi or EVO. I can access the site with the emulator though and navigation does display, just not on
    11:37 AM Sigmund: That seems to be that developer site is not for those devices. I will try to update this information to our developer department and they will look in to it.
    Does anyone else see the irony?
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    I've noticed the whole page is messed up on the pre, which I find to be very sad to be honest. it seems like if you are making a developers portal for a device, at least make sure it works on the device...
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    Yes. I've tried to point this out to Palm several times, but it hasn't changed.

    It amazes me that this has either not been noticed by Palm, or worse, it has been noticed and they simply haven't done anything about it.

    The truly sad thing is that it works on my EVO 4G, but not on my Pre.
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    Has anyone else posted this request to the Palm Feedback page?
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    don't use the toolbar, use the upper right links instead.
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    I just emailed the url that I want to my pre, and it is ok once I get inside.

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