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    I find this.
    PDK debugging in Visual Studio. Looks very useful.

    Palm webOS native development using WinGDB

    The Homepage:
    WinGDB Project Home Page
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    We've noticed visits from this forum and would like to add a few words.

    We are developers of WinGDB, and we have added support for webOS/PDK to our latest release, WinGDB 1.45.

    It has been tested on real Palm Pre. However this is the first release featuring webOS compatibility and we're open for feedback, suggestions and bug reports. Although please consider we are small team and are not able to monitor regularly all places in internet where people may talk about WinGDB, so if you would like to send any feedback best if you contact us directly.

    Meantime we got some feedback regarding performance. Recently we've found reasons of slowness and just work on improvements.

    We also apologize if you consider this post as a spam Anyway we think it's useful kind of spam, since it gives you an information that you might be interested in -- as this is the first tool of this kind on the webOS market (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).

    BTW. We are not affiliated with Palm nor HP in any way.

    Best regards,
    WinGDB team

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